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Carrot Seeds Appeal. Pray For Venezuela

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I am Marina Marquez, you will have heard me because I am part of the music ministry and play the piano and the organ in mass. If you look at me and listen to me you can tell that like so many of us I am not English. I am from Venezuela, a country in Latin America which is in the news almost every day. Venezuela is not a happy country. Our economic system has collapsed and inflation is exceeding 1 million per cent. This means that the value of your salary halves every 3 weeks. If you are employed as a nurse, teacher or doctor, soldier or anything you cannot earn enough to feed your family. It also means that financial planning is impossible and nothing gets imported and nothing gets produced. Farmers cannot buy seeds and fields lay bare. Shops, markets and pharmacies are empty and our once proud health system is collapsing. 3 million of Venezuelans have left the country (that is one in 10). My country is falling apart in front of our eyes. Yes, there is hope for political change but people cannot life from hope alone. They need our support. I am asking for two things. 1) you may have received a leaflet when you came to church today. It contains our national prayer. If you can spare 25 seconds let’s have a quiet prayer for Venezuela today. 2) Rudi and I have a seeds for Venezuela project to get small farmers producing again. We are very successful already with a project sending medical supplies to Venezuela’s second biggest city to prevent mothers dying in pregnancy. We are now sending carrot seeds to 3 small farmers in different parts of Venezuela and the first carrots will be harvested soon. Sending 1 kg carrot seeds will cost us £85 and enables a small farmer to grow 10 tons of carrots. The famer repays us by donating 20% of the harvest to a local feeding project such as a soup kitchen run by the Catholic Church. Once we verify that the famer has donated the carrots we send him or her the next kg of carrot seeds. We support farmers for 3 harvests. Our aim is to grow 1000 tons of carrots in Venezuela. This can easily be done as Venezuela is very fertile we can have 3 harvests a year. A farm the size of a football field can grow 120 tons of carrots per year. We after Church you can see us in the church yard. For £8.50 we can send seeds to small farmers to grow 1 ton of carrots.

Thank you and God bless you!

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