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How You Can Help

Money isn't the only way you can help. We have many committees, rotas and a plethora of jobs and tasks that could do with your help and support. One hour a week can make all the difference!

You can register as a volunteer and find out more about the ways you can help below. 

Thanks to all our volunteers

So many things are done with the help of our wonderful volunteers. No exact figures are at hand, but we reckon there are about 100 people who volunteer in many different ways as:

  • readers

  • cleaners

  • servers

  • flower arrangers

  • catechists

  • eucharistic ministers

  • committee members

  • musicians

  • hymn book attendants

  • sacristans

  • tea/coffee makers

  • caterers

  • welcomers

  • and so many more!

May God bless you all

Ana and Jon Paul 003.jpg

(in a typical year)

And goodness know how many / much of....

  • Visits to Trinity Hospice and hospitals

  • Hours speaking to people in the office

  • Hours at St Mary's school

  • Deanery meetings

  • Council of Priests meetings

  • Redemptorist Provincial Business

  • Vocations Promotion Work

  • Ace of Clubs

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