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Funding Acknowledgements

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The St Mary's Spire Project

St Mary's Spire is over 170 ft tall and is a major landmark in Clapham. It is largely constructed of Kentish ragstone. The tip of the spire was damaged during World War II by a barrage balloon and was rebuilt in Portland Stone in 1944.

Due to deterioration, major work was carried out on the spire in 2017. The work, now completed, will guarantee its structural integrity well into the future, and will allow future generations to continue to worship in this wonderful ecclesiastical building and to enjoy its rich historical heritage.

How the Project Was Funded:

The total cost of the Spire project was £769,000. Just under 55% of the cost was met by the Heritage Lottery fund, which is funded by National Lottery players. Our special thanks go to the Heritage Lottery fund without whose support the Spire project could never have happened. To them, we are truly grateful.

We are also immensely grateful to the National Churches Trust who gave us a magnificent grant in order to help us preserve our church Spire and to our generous parishioners.

Funded By:

Heritage Lottery Fund

National Churches Trust

VAT reclaimed

Parish fund-raising





A selection of blog posts and news articles on the Spire project can be found below.

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