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St Mary's Primary School OUTSTANDING

CONGRATULATIONS to our Primary School of St. Mary’s for being OUTSTANDING after the Denominational Inspection Report. The school was thoroughly inspected by the Archdiocese and given the grading of “Outstanding”. Sincere congratulations to all the pupils, staff, headteacher and governors. A huge success for the school.

The Report presented to the school is 13 pages! However I think a few quotes should be given…

“The spiritual moral, social and cultural elements of the Catholic faith are woven seamlessly into the fabric of St. Mary’s school day, term and year….

The dedicated Headteacher has developed a staff culture of self-reflection which galvanises ideas and research into effective learning situations. She is ably assisted by a passionate and inspirational Religious Education leader and a committed Senior Leadership Team…

Pupils work with enthusiasm, eagerness and great interest. They tackle and relish challenging tasks and discussions and take full advantage of their opportunities.”

Much more is said and can found on our websites!

Let’s live this last week of Lent to the full, Fr Richard Reid CSsR, Rector and Parish Priest

Link below to view report in full.

Download PDF • 4.04MB

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